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Rooms available for safe family fun! Now Open! Rooms sanitized after every game. Face masks required until in the rooms. Join us today and please pardon the construction in the parking lot!

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Quantum Escapes is a real room escape game where imagination and problem solving meets real fun. We bring the best of escape games to real life! You and other players are physically trapped in a room for an hour, where you will be required to use your senses and interact with the environment in order to solve the mystery and escape. Great for corporate team-building, family outings, date night, and more!

Major League

4 - 10 (2 - 10 Mon-Thur)
391 Diablo Rd, Danville, CA
A private sports collection in town is rumored to contain a priceless baseball artifact. You have been hired by...

Trapped in the 80’s

4 - 10 (2 - 10 Mon-Thur)
391 Diablo Rd, Danville, CA
Your team of time-traveling investigators has been hopping from decade to decade doing research. Unfortunately, due to a malfunction...
Time Travel

The Cursed Kingdom of EXITIA

4 - 10 (2 - 10 Mon-Thur)
1501 Coffee Rd, Ste G, Modesto, CA
A wizard has cursed the Kingdom of EXITIA in an attempt to end the reign of an unfair and...

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Transport yourself into a different time and space. Pick a room that is the most exciting for you!

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Come as a pair or bring your whole team.

Beat the Clock

You have 60 minutes to solve the clues and escape.

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