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Escape Rooms

Quantum Escapes is a real room escape game where imagination and problem solving meets real fun. We bring the best of escape games to real life! You and other players are physically trapped in a room for an hour, where you will be required to use your senses and interact with the environment in order to solve the mystery and escape. Great for corporate team-building, family outings, date night, and more!

  • No Signal

    You’ve accepted an internet challenge to stay in a luxurious, isolated cabin for 30 days. You have no contact...

    Snow Day

    Quantum Escapes is bringing the snow to you! Immerse yourself in a magical winter wonderland and work with your...

    Wizard School Detention

    Your headmaster has locked you in the school’s detention classroom as punishment for the mischief your group has caused...

    The Factory

    The Factory was run by a brilliant inventor, Dr. H.  He had been working on an invention that had...

    Trapped in the 80’s

    Your team of time-traveling investigators has been hopping from decade to decade doing research. Unfortunately, due to a malfunction...

    How Escape Rooms Work

    Choose Your Escape Room

    Transport yourself into a different time and space. Pick a room that is the most exciting for you!

    Work Together

    Come as a pair or bring your whole team.

    Beat the Clock

    You have 60 minutes to solve the clues and escape.

    Rooms for Everyone

    Ready to Escape?