Our Commitment to Safety

At Quantum Escapes, we are committed to the safety of our employees, our customers, and our community. To meet this committment, we are changing a few things in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus that is responsible for COVID-19.

Escape Rooms

Private Games Only
You will not be mixed with players outside the group you book with.
Room prices have been changed to “Per Room” instead of “Per Player”.
Extra Long Spacing Between Games

We will be sanitizing rooms between bookings and this takes extra time. The extra long spacing also decreases the number of guests on premise, which helps with social distancing.

Sanitized for Every Group

Rooms will be fogged with sanitizer and wiped down before every group enters. Please note that this will result in a small amount of moisture in the rooms, but the floors will be dry and the moisture is safe.


Symptom Checks

Employees with symptoms will not be at work. We will be taking employee temperatures upon arrival. Employees will be sent home if they have a temperature at or above the CDC recommended limit.

Hand Sanitizer and Facemasks

Employees will be using hand sanitizer often and will be wearing face masks when interacting with customers and other employees.

Safety Training

All Employees will receive training on methods to prevent or reduce the potential spread of the virus.


Operating at 40% Capacity

We will be limiting the number of people on the premises. The maximum allowed will be 40% of the normal capacity, but we will not likely even come close to that.

Social Distancing

Groups will be staggered so as to reduce the opportunity of interaction. Groups will be kept separate by at least 6 feet.

Gloves, Hand Sanitizer, Masks Available

We will have gloves, hand sanitizer and masks available for guests to use.