Wizard School Detention (Coming Soon!)

4 - 10 (2 or 3 may play for price of 4)

Students…You have been a thorn in my side long enough! I have taught here for centuries and your group by far has been the most troublesome. I can no longer stand idly by. Punishment must be dealt!

Some may deem me mad, but this must be done. I have locked you all in this classroom for 1000 years. That should teach you a lesson. I have put in place many a spell and incantation to keep you locked away!

Only the brightest pupils would even come close to escaping and I have little faith that you will be able to even perform the simplest act of magic.

If you do not escape you will all turn to dust in this eternal classroom and never see the light of day again!

Can you solve my riddles and mind- bending puzzles? I highly doubt it…If you do not escape within one hour, here is where you will remain…FOREVER

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