Special Events

🎉🎈 Party Room! 🎈🎉

The party room is available at our Danville location.

The fee is $75 for 2 hours (the first hour is while your guests play the Escape Games, to allow for set up and storage of party items. The second hour is immediately following the game.)

The room can accommodate up to 16 guests.

Tables, chairs, and plastic table covers are included.

You may book the party room online by choosing the time that is closest to your game start time. We will adjust the time accordingly for your party.

Please email info@quantumescapes.com or call 925-263-2241

Private Events

Both locations are available for private events. Please call or email to inquire.

Quantum Murder Mystery Escape

2-3 hour, large group game for up to 30 guests. This event is available for private events as well as public events that Quantum Escapes will hold periodically. This completely custom live action game is inspired by Murder Mystery games, the game Clue, and our own escape games. Email or call to book this experience.